Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

Any student wishing to participate in the annual Graduation exercises at Erickson Collegiate must meet the following requirements: 

- Have earned a minimum number of credits (30) needed for graduation. 
- Have the necessary compulsory credits in Grades 9-12 or expect to have them by the end of June of that year

One full credit is granted for each course completed with 110-120 hours of classroom attendance and study.

A 1/2 credit course requires 55-60 hours.

The Physical Education/Health credit is divided into two credits taken in Grade 9 and Grade 10.

Students may be able to graduate early.

Accelerated programs which involve full timetables for Grade 9 through Grade 12 are available to academically successful students. See a counselor for further information.

Non-Monetary Awards

Student Recognition Awards

Awarded to students who show all around achievement in academic, extra curricular and community involvement.

Governor General's Bronze Medal

The student with the highest total average in Grade 11 and 12.

Highest Academic Standing Awards

Awarded to students with the highest average in Grade 12 courses

Honor Roll

Awarded to students with academic standings of 80 to 85% (bronze medallion), 86 to 89% (silver medallion), and over 90% (gold medallion)

MLA Outstanding Citizenship Award


A student who is involved with school associations such as, student council, yearbook, graduating committee, debating team, drama club, etc.

A student who displays a great interest in volunteer activities and events, both in school and the community.

A student who maintains "good" grades in all subject areas, but need not be academically at the top of the grade scale.

A student who works well, and communicates well, with educators, elders, and fellow students.

Overall, this award is to recognize the special attributes and skills of a student who is a caring, hard-working individual, with a genuine interest in his or her community.

Monetary Awards School Selected

$250 Rolling River School Division English Medal 

Students with the highest standing in two Senior ELA courses.  This award is accompanied by a $250 award.

$500 Heritage Co-op

The Heritage Co-op bursary will go to a co-operative graduating student who has participated in extra-curricular activities and/or is an active member of the community. The chosen student will be enrolled in post secondary education in an agriculture or business related program.

$500 Dr. Khandelwal Scholarship

Proposed Award Criteria:

The award will be provided to a student:

  • Entering post-secondary (either college or university) studies in Sciences in the September following their graduation.  Preference will be provided for a student entering/planning to enroll in a Health Sciences program of student, and
  • Graduating with a minimum of two Grade 12 – 40 level Science courses, with a grade of 80% or higher in both courses.

If there is not a student that meets the above criteria in the school scheduled to receive the scholarship in a particular year, the Rolling River School Division will adjust the rotation of the award of the scholarship to ensure the scholarship is awarded annually. 

The scholarship will rotate between the four high schools on a four year cycle as follows:

Year 1 – 2015/16 – MCI

Year 2 – 2016/17 – ECI

Year 3 – 2017/18 – Rivers Collegiate

Year 4 – 2018/19 – Elton Collegiate

Year 5 – 2019/20 – MCI

Year 6 – 2020/21 – ECI

Year 7 – 2021/22 – Rivers Collegiate

Year 8 – 2022/23 – Elton Collegiate

$500 Dr. A.S. Khandelwal Scholarship in honour  of Mrs. Indu Khandelwal

Proposed Award Criteria:

The annual award will be provided to an Erickson Collegiate student:

  • Entering post-secondary (either college or university) studies in Sciences in the September following their graduation.  Preference will be provided for a student entering/planning to enroll in a Health Sciences program of student, and
  • Graduating with a minimum of two Grade 12 – 40 level Science courses, with a grade of 80% or higher in both courses.

If there is not a student that meets the above criteria in the school scheduled to receive the scholarship in a particular year, the Rolling River School Division will adjust the rotation of the award of the scholarship to ensure the scholarship is awarded annually. 

$250 Jason Kelly Memorial Scholarship

The family of Jason Kelly would like to provide a scholarship, in the amount of $250, to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • A passion for Art (painter, graphic artist, photographer, etc.), gardening, horticulture, or has a love of culinary arts.
  • A passion and commitment to their field of choice will be considered over grades.

Jay was a man who pursued his love of art without reservation or fear.  What began as sketching comic book heroes, turned into a unique, talented artist, chef, and gardener.  The Kelly family hopes this scholarship will help the deserving student follow his or her passion.

$100 Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce

Student entering the field of business of post secondary education facility dealing with business.

$300 Erickson Lions' Club

Involved in volunteer community service not school related. 

$100 each Sandy Lake Lions Award

Highest mark in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Must be over 70%.

$300 Crawford Park Hall Award

Must be a resident of Clear Creek, Lake Audy, or Crawford park for at least 4 years. The award is based on academic performance and community service. There may be more than one recipient and the recipient does not need to continue education.

A committee from Crawford Park picks.

$100  Uncle Carl's Canteen Award

The student must be co-operative with classmates and teachers. Should be involved in school activities (sports, drama, student council, yearbook). High marks are not necessary except in a tie. 

$750 Rolling River Teachers' Association

A student with a cooperative attitude with both teachers and students.  An all around student in both academics and extra-curricular activities.  Must be attending an educational institution after graduation. 

$1000 Sure-Line Auto

$300  Erickson Women's Institute Bursary  

The Erickson W. I. offers a $300 scholarship to the E. C. I. graduating student who shows maximum effort and enthusiasm in his/her studies and participates in school and community activities. The student must continue his/her education in a recognized institution. The principal, vice principal and 2 W. I. members will make decision for the recipient of the scholarship. The scholarship will be paid upon successful completion of the first term. Does not have to be a top student. Must attend a post-secondary school the following graduation.

$750 Jeff Kerr Memorial Scholarship 

During the student's time at ECI the student has been a strong contributor to the school community and has shown

Commitment and dedication to the full life of ECI.

The student possesses qualities of leadership, dependability, friendliness and courtesy and is of exemplary character.  

The student will be in good academic standing and will be continuing studies at a post-secondary institution.

$1000  Compass Credit Union

The recipient must be entering a university or community college and have displayed a consistently strong work ethic in school. It is our intention to reward hard work and dedication, not necessarily inherent ability. Not to a person receiving numerous awards. 

$1000 Onanole Rodeo Association (2019 - 2022)

The recipient of this award is to have attended 1)  Onanole Elementary, and 2) be pursuing post-secondary education.  

$350 Jewels of Siam

To be awarded to a graduating student whose efforts merit recognition.  Proof of registration and acceptance into a post secondary program.

$1 000 Wilda and Kelly Carlson Award

Must attend a post-secondary institution within 18 months of graduation. Must have at least a 75% average. Proof of registration must be given. Other qualities that are considered: leadership, dependability, hard working, participation in school/community. 

Monetary Awards - Committee Chosen/Applications Required

Please see Mrs. Collyer for Applications

$1000 ~ RM of Park Scholarship

Criteria for this scholarship is as follows:

The student must be a resident of the R.M. of Park.

To be awarded to a student who is entering a field in rural or economic development, nursing or medical related, or some other field that is beneficial to rural Manitoba.

The student must have demonstrated leadership skills within their class and school.

The student will demonstrate an interest in returning to live and work in a rural community.

Demonstration of leadership skills in the community will be considered.

Demonstration of interest in local government and communities will be considered.

 Selection Process:

Only one student attending Erickson Collegiate, Rossburn Collegiate, or Shoal Lake Collegiate will be selected to receive the award.

Only one award will be made each year.

Students must apply in writing to their respective school who will then forward one recommendation, by June 15th, to the Municipality for consideration and final selection.

$500 Erickson and District Chamber Bursary of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce bursary would like to honour the achievements of senior students at Erickson Collegiate, to help pay for post-secondary education.  One bursary will be awarded to a student entering their first year of full-time study at college or university. 

There is an application to fill out.  Applications must be returned to Mrs. Collyer by May 31. The applicant must be:

Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

Be between the ages of 17 – 25.

 The Chamber of Commerce Bursary will be available to graduating student who is planning to pursue further education in the business, computer or agricultural field.  Student must be register/accepted at a University/College fro the Fall/Winter session.

Write a 100 more word essay describing your future academic goals and describe how your education would better our community if you return to Erickson.

Provide a copy of Letter of Acceptance to the Post Secondary institution.

Bursary will be awarded a Graduation Ceremony.

$500  RM of Clanwilliam and Town of Erickson  Endeavour Award

Criteria for this award is as follows:

The student must be a resident form the RM of Clanwilliam or Town of Erickson.

The student must have shown an effort in school related activities.  

The selection committee will look at overall performance during the school years.  

Furthering your education in not a requirement.

A member will represent the selection committee from each, RM of Clanwilliam and the Town of Erickson.

Community involvement/volunteer work.  Priority will be given to the student that has made a significant contribution to RM of Clanwilliam and the Town of Erickson.

In the event that two students are equally qualified, the committee may divide the award in two parts.

$500 Erickson Legion Branch #143

Student must attend a post-secondary institution within 12 months of graduation, have at least a 75% average, display a great interest in volunteer activities and events in school and the community.  This scholarship will be presented upon presentation of proof of the successful completion of the first year of studies.   

$300 Royal Canadian Legion Erickson Branch #143 Honouring the Ladies Auxiliary

To be presented to a student attending  Community college or a Trades School.  Student should have volunteered in the community and school, and shown leadership qualities.  The award is not necessarily to be presented to an honour student, but someone who works hard and is committed.  The money is to be received at the end of the 1st year of study.  The scholarship recipient must show proof of successfully completing the first year of studies within 18 months time from the presentation of the scholarship.

$500 Manitoba Nurses' Union Trudie Empy Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating student who is entering into a nursing program LPN, RN, RPN.

Second consideration will be given to a student enrolled in the Health Care Aid Certificate program.

$500 Manitoba Nurses Union Local #73

First consideration is given to a student going into a recognized nursing program.  If this criteria is not met, second consideration will be given to a student entering a Science program that may relate to the health care field.

$500 Parkway Insurance

The bursary will be awarded based on financial need, hard work, and participation in student activities with a preference to a Business or Ag. related field. 

$500 Chown

Selected by the principal. Minimum of 85% on at least 5 full credit Grade 12 courses.

Must register with the University of Manitoba for full (100%) first year.

$500 Westman Communications Scholarship

This award will be presented to an applicant who is pursing a career is technology focused, or that utilizes technology, at a Manitoba College or University. 

Applicants must apply before May 9th.  Please click on the link below for information and the electronic application form.  The application  must be emailed to Mrs. Collyer,

Westman Communications Scholarship.jpg

$500 The Elsie Hall Memorial Scholarship

Must reside within RRSD; be an ex-service member or be a son/daughter/grand-child of an ex-service member or deceased ex-member.  Based on high marks; must provide proof of registration that he/she is continuing on to post-secondary education.

$500 The Elsie Hall Memorial Bursary

Must reside within RRSD; be an ex-service member or be a son/daughter/grand-child of an ex-service member or deceased ex-member. 

Must be a student continuing on to higher education and be in need of financial assistance

$500 Erickson and District Wildlife Association Scholarship

In Memory of Tommy Podruski

Open to all Students graduating from Erickson Collegiate who are:

Entering a post-secondary education in the field of conservation or environmental studies.


An essay of 750 words that contains information about yourself, your interests and why you are choosing to enter into the field of conservation or environmental studies.

Student awarded scholarship must complete first year of post-secondary education and provide Erickson & District Wildlife Association with their completed first year transcript. Preference will be given to members of Erickson & District Wildlife Association.**Acting executive committee of Erickson & District Wildlife Association will be responsible for choosing the successful applicant.

$1000 Senator Gerry and Margaret St. Germain Bursary

Application criteria:  

  • Metis Citizen
  • Grade 12 students who excel in Math and or Science
  • Grade 12 students who are actively involved in the community
  • Grade 12 students who attend school in Manitoba



Manitoba Beef Producers is pleased to make available six $500 bursaries annually for MBP members or their children attending a university, college, other post-secondary institution or pursuing trades training. Preference will be given to those students pursuing a field of study related to agriculture or to those acquiring a skilled trade that would be beneficial to the rural economy.

Completed applications must be submitted by Monday, June 3, 2019. A selection committee will review the submissions. Winners will be notified by July 31, 2019.

The bursary criteria are as follows:


 Must be at least 17 years of age as of January 1, 2019.

 Must be an active Manitoba beef producer or the child of an active Manitoba beef producer. Note: This can include beef producers returning to school after a period in the workforce.

 Must use the bursary within two years.

 Post-secondary program or trades training must be a minimum of one year in duration.

Items You Are Required to Submit:

Completed application form;

A typed 600-word (maximum) essay discussing "What the beef industry means to my family, my community and Manitoba." Also include the reasons you enjoy being involved in agriculture.*;

A copy of your transcript (either high school, or a recognized college, university or trade school);

Proof of enrolment in a recognized institution (current transcript, or your acceptance letter, or a letter of intent indicating your intended institution and field of study).

A list of community involvement (e.g. 4-H, community clubs, volunteer work, etc.); and,

The names of three references, including their addresses and telephone numbers.

Submissions must be sent to MBP no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, June 3, 2019 to:

Manitoba Beef Producers

Bursary Committee

220 – 530 Century Street

Winnipeg MB R3H 0Y4

Fax: (204) 774-3264 E-mail:

For more information, please contact Manitoba Beef Producers at 1-800-772-0458 or email

*Bursary winners' essays will be published in MBP's newspaper Cattle Country.

MBP 2016



Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: _______________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________

Email: _____________________________ Fax (if available): _______________________

Date of birth: _____________________________

Parents' names if you are under 18: _______________________________________________________

Are you a beef producer? _____________________________

Are you the child of a beef producer? _____________________________

Institute of current enrolment: ______________________________________________________________

Current or intended program of post-secondary study or skilled trades training:__________________________

Duration of post-secondary program or skill trades training: _________ year (s)

Essay: Please submit a typed 600-word (maximum) essay* on the topic "What the beef industry means to my family, my community, and Manitoba." Also include the reasons you enjoy being involved in agriculture.

*Note: Bursary winners' essays will be published in Manitoba Beef Producers' newspaper Cattle Country.

Please return the completed application form, transcript, proof of enrolment in a post-secondary institution or an apprenticeship program or a letter of intent to pursue further studies, a list of your community involvement, the typed essay and, your references no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday June 3, 2016 to:

Manitoba Beef Producers

Bursary Committee

220 – 530 Century Street

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0Y4

Fax (204) 774-3264


The Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with graduating students to discuss these and other scholarship opportunities as they arise.  Please visit the website for national scholarship opportunities

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