GSA Group Presents on "Wellness Wednesday"

GSA Presents on "Wellness Wednesday"
PresentationThis month during "Wellness Wednesday", our GSA leadership group presented to the Grade 7/8 students about Diversity.  The student leaders worked with students in small groups and facilitated discussions around Diversity and Inclusion in schools.  The junior high students came up with ways to include people from various ethnic origins, abilities, health and metal health issues and communication styles.  Smarties were distributed to the students and used as a teaching tool to symbolize the similarities among us, while also appreciating and celebrating the differences and uniqueness among us.

The Grades 9-12 students participated in a presentation from AFM-Addictions Foundation Manitoba regarding Cannabis and edibles.  Students also learned breathing techniques as an alternate way of coping with stress.    

Next Month: 2SLGBTQ* History in Canada