VapingThis month's Wellness Wednesday focused on vaping.  In support of National Addictions Awareness Week, a representative from Health Promotions/ Prairie Mountain Health presented to students in Grade 7-10 regarding the risks of vaping .  As noted by Health Canada (2019), vaping is not harmless.  
Did you know?  
  • Data from a recent Health Canada survey showed that 23% of students in grade 7-12 have tried an electronic cigarette. 
  • Vaping devices may also be used for other substances like cannabis.
  • Vaping products can be difficult to recognize as they come in various shapes, sizes and some resemble a USB flash drive.
  • Vaping products have many names such as: e-cigarettes, vape pen, mods, tanks and e-hookahs.  
  • The Tobacco and Vaping Product Act prohibits vaping products to be sold or given to anyone under the age of 18.  
-Vaping can increase your exposure to harmful chemicals. 
-Vaping can lead to nicotine addiction.
-The long term consequences of vaping are unknown. 
-It's rare, but defective vaping products (especially batteries) may catch on fire or explode leading to burns or injuries.  
-Vaping Nicotine can alter teen brain development.   
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