ECI Brings Culture to the Classroom

ECI Brings Culture to the Classroom
Tipi Sml

This year the Grade 8 class at ECI had the opportunity to learn how to set up and take down a tipi with tipi maker Art Gordon from Minnedosa.
Students learned that the tipi symbolizes the importance of women, the family unit, and home in many Indigenous communities. It also connects to the unit of study on Residential Schools that the Grade 8 class is studying to start the school year off.
The tipi is set up in the Grade 8 classroom and will be used as a teaching tool for ELA, Math, Anishinaabe language class, and other subjects. It is also a visual representation of the reconciliation work that Erickson Collegiate is a part of.
Tipi in the Classroom
These are some of the students thoughts about having a tipi in the classroom:
“I think that having a tipi in the classroom is really cool because not everyone has one and it shows how much we appreciate culture.” Anna
“I think it makes the room more calm.”
“It is great for relaxing in. It is educational.” Megan
Tipi Outside
Tipi building