Money for Hungry

Students Making A Difference was a student-initiated group which began in 2011.  It is a group which is passionate about issues of social justice. Our two major campaigns are to support Moses' education, a teenage boy in Haiti, as well as, donating food to our local food bank in Minnedosa.


The Yearbook Committee is a group of students who meet in order to collaborate, plan and create the annual ECI Yearbook. Our yearbook covers a wide variety of topics from academics, student life, sports, clubs, graduation and other major school events.

The Yearbook Committee is in charge of production, organization, and distribution of the school's yearbook. This year we are using the program Mixbook. This program allows members to sort pictures and design pages involved with creating this book of memories.

The yearbook club is open to anyone who is interested in graphic design and/or photography. We are always looking for new members! If you're interested please see Mrs. Frey or Mrs. McLaughlin.

Student Council

Student Council at ECI is composed of student representatives from Grades 7 through 12.  There is no formal governing structure and leadership is a shared responsibility among all of the members.  Like many of the committees and groups at ECI, membership is open and inclusive. Mr. Mathews is the teacher facilitator, but the job of planning and running the various events is solely up to the students.

The primary goal of Student Council is to promote school spirit by holding entertaining events that include all members of the school community. This has included dances, spirit weeks (usually leading up to Halloween, Christmas and Spring Break), movie nights and school wide activities (like scavenger hunts and holiday themed activities). Students are divided into house teams with representation from each grade, headed by a teacher leader. Points are awarded for participation and for winning competitions with your house team.  The winning team members each receive a prize at the end of the year or semester.

Pajama Day.JPG

Pyjama Day!

Remember to support Student Council's fundraisers in the coming weeks, as much of the money raised will go towards our holiday events in December. As always anyone interested in becoming more involved in any student council activities is welcome to attend our meetings Tuesdays at lunch in Mr. Mathews' room.

The Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is a newly established group at ECI. The mission of this group is to take on projects that will encourage environmental sustainability.  This group actively participates in Lake Group meetings, whose concern are to

Water Testing with Little Saskatchimage.jpgewan River Conservation District

ensure the quality of Clear Lake, Lakeshore Clean Up, Earth Day, Earth Hour, recycling projects, water conservation, energy use reduction. This year the group is looking to begin a composting project in hopes of reduces the amount of waste ECI has. If you the global environment is of concern to you, this is your club!