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​Erickson Collegiate Mission Statement

Front of SchoolErickson Collegiate Institute is committed to providing quality education in a safe and positive learning environment that supports academic, social, and personal growth. We encourage and assist students in their development of becoming responsible contributing citizens who respect diversity, culture, community, the environment, and themselves.


Our History

Erickson Collegiate Institute History

Est. 1964 (excerpts from Forrest to Field, Erickson History Book, 1984)

Erickson Collegiate may be said to have come into existence in 1959 when the Rolling River School Division was formed and the High School was operated as part of the Division.  At that time, High School was held in the Elementary School, with teachers Ben Ward, J.O. Wilson, Marjory McKenzie, and Wilda Carlson.

On May 25, 1963, the voters of the division decided that a new Collegiate was required at Erickson.  The building was begun in August and was to consist of eight regular classrooms, a library (later a classroom), a lab, and a large gymnatorium, besides the regular facilities of a staff room with kitchenette, washrooms, etc.  November 30, 1964 marked the official opening of the new school. 

In the fall of 1964, the Grade 9 to 12 students from Onanole, who had been attending Minnedosa Collegiate began to attend ECI.  Because of overcrowding in the Elementary School, Grade 6,7,8 were given space in the new Collegiate.  In the fall of 1965, three university entrance students from Sandy Lake came to Erickson as well, and the following year, Sandy Lake students from Grades 10, 11 and 12 officially became part of ECI. 

As the school population increased, it became necessary to find more space.  Three huts, were brought to the east side of the building in 1971.  Unheated hallways connected these to the collegiate.  These served until a new building program was begun in 1973.  The new portion of the school consisted of a multi purpose room, which also served as the stage for the gymnatorium, two open area double classrooms, two science labs, and a large central area.  The new area came into use in January, 1974 and the huts were removed the following summer.

Note – another new hut was added onto the north end of the building in 2002, and has served as an extra classroom.