Some Grade 7 Happenings

Grade 7 Happenings
The Grade 7 ELA class has been working on generating creative ideas and public speaking techniques.
Students were to come up with an idea for a short story and, using a template we created in class, outline that story's most important details.
Grade 7
Students then worked to turn those ideas into a 30 second "Elevator Pitch" they could give to a publisher/director in order to convince them that their story was worth telling.
Grade 7

After a few days of practice, students gave their pitches in our fancy (and totally safe) elevator! Afterwards the students got to choose a pose and have their photo taken in the elevator.

LotusThe Grade 7 class has also been learning about cultures from around the world. Recently we studied India and the festival Diwali. During Diwali, intricate designs called Rangolis are made from coloured sand. The students made their own Rangolis by gluing coloured salt to various lotus flower inspired designs.