Dibaajimowin (Storytelling)

Dibaajimowin (Storytelling)

Winter (Biboon) is traditionally a time for storytelling for the Anishinaabe people. In January the Anishinaabemowin language class took part in a Storytelling Unit.

As part of this unit students had the opportunity to hear a creation story from Elder Peter Atkinson. Mrs. Brandon also told a story to the class called Nanabush and the Ducks, from which Waboos (the rabbit) is a character. The students also learned a song about ducks in the Anishinaabe language and played a traditional children’s game with a rabbit skull, which is similar to spin the bottle.  Rabbit Skull Game

The students learned about the significance of the waboos (rabbit) and how it’s life was gifted to the Anishinaabe to help our people survive by providing them with food (rabbit meat for soup and other dishes), warmth (rabbit fur for blankets and clothing), and entertainment (games). Elders Joe and Phoebe Morrissette taught the students how to skin and gut the waboos (rabbit) and prepare it for eating. The rabbits were snared and provided by Ryder McKay, who is a student at E.C.I.Ryder Skinning

Stay tuned for the continuation of these teachings, where students will prepare a traditional dish of waboos naboop (rabbit soup) for the school to enjoy!
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