ECI Photo Class Masters Faceless Portraits

ECI Photo Class Masters Faceless Portraits
Posted on 10/15/2018

 Faceless Portraits

 ECI's photo class has been busy with our digital cameras since the beginning of school.  Our first unit took us through the basics of using our cameras.  We completed a number of assignments: Steady shooting (holding the camera and shooting properly), Flip that Flounder (different angles), Fabulous Fall Photos (because its that time of the year), Faceless Portraits (uploaded to the ECI photo album), and to finish the unit a scavenger hunt.  Check out the full slide show under the parent tab.

We have a tentative date arranged for our second annual photo shoot of the RRFN Dancers (October 18) at the main beach area of RMNP.  This will be part of our lighting unit where we examine types of light, different light directions  and quality of light.

Faceless Portrait